Advice for Freshmen (and Upperclassmen, Too)

In this short video below (0:36), experienced students share advice with new students at BYU.

Becoming a BYU student, especially during that first semester, is a challenging and exciting time. Too often, however, students take longer than necessary to harness valuable lessons about learning in a college environment. In the video below, identify some of these insights from fellow students and consider how you can make the most of your education here at BYU.

Bryce Bunting, Freshmen Mentoring Program Administrator, contributes some sound advice for new students. He suggests--

If you aren’t a new student, what additional advice do you have for freshmen? Have you tried any of the ideas mentioned in the video? If you are a freshman (or new student), what do you hope to do and learn during your stay at BYU? Please share your thoughts below.